Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smoking is sweet

So had a coffee with my best friend today who informed me that they put sugar in cigarettes… Are you kidding me??? When I got home I googled it. And it’s true! BASTARDS! Of all the other crap they put in cigarettes, which can include more than 600 additives, this is probably the thing that worries me the most… No wonder people get fat when they quit smoking. It makes total sense… I am obsessed with smoking, and just as obsessed with quitting. But I am scared. And it is that fear that stops me, and probably most other smokers, from quitting. I cannot imagine my life without cigarettes. That is REALLY sad. And knowing now that sugar is put in there… well, I can easily say that it makes it that much harder to quit. Because you know what, I’d rather reach for a smoke than a chocolate bar any day…

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